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Top 5 facts to know 
before you swipe your credit card


We’ll go over a few key points in this article that you should take into account before swipe your credit card. Credit cards are intriguing financial instruments that provide cardholders tremendous spending power with unmatched security.


Although using a credit card is dependable and convenient, it’s necessary to consider the risks that could arise. Users are burdened by the extra fees, and they frequently find themselves mired in debt. Search Cash on credit card in chennai and enjoy swiping your card to get cash.

#1 Plan your budget

Most credit cards provide short-term interest-free credit, which allows for unforeseen spending. Using a credit card can be daunting, particularly once you start using it for purchases. When you indulge in mindless spending, you frequently lose sight of your repayment strategy.


All of this will eventually increase your financial load. Therefore, it would be a good idea to budget your expenses before you swipe your credit card for cash.

#2 Discounts & Promotions on Credit Card Swipe

The majority of credit card issuers offer specific promotional programmes that include cashback and reward points. Discounts at restaurants, theatres, or other cashback programmes are examples of such deals.


While they may seem very alluring at first glance, it is always advisable to read these offers carefully to determine whether they are advantageous to you. In Credit card swipe you shouldn’t move forward until you are certain that you understand all the terms and conditions.

#3 Charges for cash withdrawal from credit card

The majority of credit cards have a cash-out feature. While this is practical, there is always the underlying fine print attached, so it is crucial that you go through and completely comprehend costs before using it.


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#4 Credit card bill payment

The cardholder’s CIBIL score may suffer if they don’t pay their credit card bills on time. Lacklustre credit can prevent a person from getting approved for bank loans. While having good credit can frequently lead to a better lifestyle in many other nations, bank loans in India typically have lower interest rates and a simpler application process.


Credit score is a three-digit number that assesses the health of your debt and repayments. It demonstrates how resolutely you pay off all of your obligations. Before you swipe your credit card, make sure you paid the bill before 24 hours.

#5 EMI payment option

Every credit card offers the choice of EMI payments. When you have made a significant payment, this choice could appear to be a good one. The flexibility of paying the entire amount in smaller instalments is provided by having the option of EMI. We offers EMI converting options to our customers.


It not only aids in budgeting but also brings down interest rates. When it comes to effectively planning expenses, EMIs are really helpful. However, you should constantly watch out for having many EMIs at once as this can throw off your initial plans.

Conclusion-Swipe Your Credit Card

With all the glitzy benefits, credit card instant cash could seem like the stuff of dreams, but before you start using one, you should assess the benefits and drawbacks of owning one. First and foremost, paying off your credit cards in full each month is crucial if you want to avoid accruing large amounts of debt.


Before making a rushed purchase that can harm your credit score, find out about additional fees. Overall, budget your money and keep track of it so you can enjoy the honey of swipe your credit cards without possibly biting into their bitter seeds.